Why Join The Angelwax Family?

Joining Angelwax can bring your detailing center to the next level! Angelwax Ceramic Coatings are 2nd to none when it comes to durability, ease of application(single layer), gloss, hydrophobics and more! Want to try before you buy? Pick up our Legacy Titanium ceramic coating and try it for yourself. Territory pending, no minimum orders, and no brand lock out, so you can still carry and install other brands alongside Angelwax.

What are the requirments?

Angelwax wants to know that you are an experienced detailer and have worked with some type of ceramic coating before. Are there already installers in your area? Have a phone conversation with one our trainers to show off your work and go over all remaining details. And lastly, the fee for training. This is typically $699, you will receive your certificate, a bottle of Genesis to take home with you, and lunch is included.


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