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Angelwax Chicago

Enigma QED - Ceramic Quick Detailing Spray

Enigma QED - Ceramic Quick Detailing Spray

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Angelwax Enigma ceramic infused shampoo has been manufactured using the latest ceramic technology.

When used regularly, the ceramic molecules within Enigma Shampoo will bond to the vehicle and a protective coating is formed over it's surface.

With excellent cleansing ability, our unique formulation adds an extra layer of ceramic protection on top of existing wax or ceramic coatings. This additional layer will further enhance the appearance of your vehicle, protecting any existing coating and boosting it's hydrophobic effects.

Angelwax Enigma Shampoo forms part of our unique Enigma range of ceramic detailing products, designed specifically to rejuvenate surfaces protected with Enigma ceramic detailing wax and other ceramic coatings.

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