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Angelwax Chicago

Excelsior - Soft Top Cleaner

Excelsior - Soft Top Cleaner

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Angelwax Excelsior is our fabulous soft-top cleaner which has been brilliantly formulated to remove dirt, grime, tree pollen etc from convertible soft tops quickly, safely and effectively.

Angelwax Excelsior also contains a UV inhibitor to prevent the fibres in your convertible soft top being broken down by strong sunlight.

On the variety of materials associated with convertible soft tops, Angelwax Excelsior gets to work straight away by breaking down stains associated with mildew, bird lime, moss, tree pollen, rain-born dust and other contaminants.

Angelwax Excelsior is tested safe to use on canvas, mohair, cloth and vinyl tops.

Once correctily applied, Angelwax Excelsior will leave your convertible soft-top restored to it's best!

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