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Fuzion Foaming Concentrate

Fuzion Foaming Concentrate

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Fuzion blends modern chemistry to create a wash solution that is ideal as a traditional wash soap, or as a Rinse Free wash option. This unique product relies on special lubricating polymers blended with surface surfactants to offer users a variety of options for the wash process.

TRADITIONAL WASHING: During this wash process, the user can rinse the surface off with a water source before drying.

RINSE FREE WASHING: During this wash process, users can clean the surface without the need for a rinsing step. Simply wipe clean, then dry the surface one section at a time using a dedicated foaming sprayer will allow for maximum foaming capabilities. Ideal for maintaining ceramic coated vehicles.

Dilution Ratios:

Rinse Free wash 128:1

Quick detailer 20:1

Glass cleaner 20:1

Exterior Pre soak 20:1

Foam cannon. Full Strength (no dilution)

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