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Angelwax Chicago

Stripped Ease - Panel Prep

Stripped Ease - Panel Prep

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Designed to strip any unwanted sealants and waxes from your paintwork, Angelwax Stripped-Ease was originally formulated for car enthusiasts who wax their car on a regular basis and wished to try out a variety of waxes and sealants, striving to find that perfect match for their vehicle.

Stripped-Ease effortlessly dissolves and de-adheres all existing waxes, sealants and remnant silicone to ensure a better bond is created between virgin paintwork and your new wax, sealant or coating layer.

Angelwax Stripped-Ease is also recommended as the perfect panel wipe for cleansing paintwork that has just been machine polished, perfectly prepping the surface for waxing, sealing or coating.

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